• 2016 IWSC International Wine & Spirit Competition Bronze Medal
  • Top Rums de la Francophonie 2016 - Gold Medal
  • Top Rums of the Indian Ocean 2015 - Gold Medal
  • The Ultimate Spirits Challenge / USA - 91 points "Excellent - Highly Recommended"
  • World Spirits Award 2015 - Silver Medal
  • World Spirits Award 2016 - Silver Medal
  • German Rum Festival 2018 - Bronze Medal


This light and mouthful rum gives us notes of oak, malt and roasted nuts. Well balanced nose, mouth and aftertaste. “Gold of Mauritius” captures the spirit of the island.

Produced in small batches Gold of Mauritius is extremely smooth and light.

Gold of Mauritius is savoured pure, with little ice, but it is also appreciated in classic cocktails like Old Fashioned or Manhattan. 
700 ml, 40% Alc. vol.




  • World Spirits Award 2015 - Gold Medal
  • 2016 IWSC International Wine & Spirit Competition Bronze Medal
  • World Spirits Award 2016 - Gold Medal
  • World Spirits Award 2017 - Gold Medal




  •  “Medaille d’Or” at the 2020-2021 TOP RUM competition, rated “SENSATIONNEL”..


Solera 5
Nose: Roasted nuts, chocolate and vanilla
Body: Intense and luscious
Taste: Complexity, oak, malt, sweet
Finish: Smooth and mouthful

Representing Mauritius as a whole, Solera 5 is a blend of various single distillates from the island, refined in an elaborate process which then reaches its harmonious and aromatic flavour after maturing.



Solera 8

Well balanced notes of chocolate, coffee and nuts. Absolutely stunning!

Solera 8 is presented in a heavy glass carafe with an uncommon shape: the base is round and morphs into a square at the height of the bottle shoulder. A noble gold printing in relief adds to the prestigious new presentation.



“Absolutely love this. This stuff is great, tried it in a little bar in Altrincham called Riddles!! had to go and buy myself a bottle for home! 

I can see why it won awards- and it's sold out in Riddles so that says it all. Try it you won't be disappointed “

Comment in MASTER OF MALT 2015

"Incredibly rich with plenty of wood notes combined with roasted walnuts and high in malt. Very smooth on the palate, with the richness subsiding to become, well just rich! Lots of fresh malt, warm fudge, damp oak and sticky toffee on the palate that produces an incredibly long, warm and mouth-watering finish.

Nothing like the Caribbean styles, this Mauritius based rum is a cracker and one for sipping on its own for sure." DRINKS ENTHUSIAST.COM


The Gold-Fashioned our signature cocktail

Sometimes, being a gentleman has its advantages! Our fabulous Gold of Mauritius carefully stirred in our signature classic, the "Gold-Fashioned" (Thank you for the guys at Apotheca in Manchester for this drink)... It is perfect for our rum, and a perfect match to our cigars!

- 2 shots Gold of Mauritius, 

- 3/4 Shot Tawny Port,

- 2 sugar cubes,
- 3 dashes of Chocolate and/or Walnut bitters.

Stir and strain over a massive chunk of clear ice, garnish with an orange peel... Sit down, light the cigar and indulge! Welcome to heaven!

The “Gold Frappé” refreshing treat

30ml Gold of Mauritius rum
30ml Freshly brewed coffee
10ml Orgeat syrup
5ml Litchquor vanilla essence
20ml Fresh cream

Add all ingredients except for the cream in a shaker filled with ice and shake until ice cold.  Strain over cubed ice and float the cream over the finished drink. Garnish with three coffee beans (one for love, one for health and one for wealth!).Hint:  Easier to use pre-chilled coffee and whisk the cream a little to aerate it.

Thank you David Sangwell from the BartenderHQ for this recipe.  Prost!