MARCH 2017

MAURITIUS ROM CLUB is a new brand of spirits from Mauritius: Three products, reflecting the diversity and the abundance of the island with its fragrant environment, the exotic aromas and tasty foods.

"I received many requests to launch a very unique spiced rum, and here we go: Rom Club is born. Spices have an important role in Mauritius’ history. Not only as a place of plantation and harvesting, but also as one of the most important places of exchange on the Spice Route. Many naval battles were fought, especially between the French and the English fleets. 

Rom is a Mauritian tradition and I know that this is just the start of a family. We intend to increase the number of products under this brand." 

Frederic Bestel


Premium Mauritian Dark Rum, blended to perfection and matured with sherry-cask leftovers.


A blend of premium Mauritian rum, infused with notes of tropical spices and fruits.


Mauritian White rum, smooth and delicate.