THE BARRUM RESERVES® is a selection of exclusive limited editions from Mauritius.

A collection of rare rums from the unique artisanal productions, they have been identified for their smoothness, rounded notes and outstanding taste.

These are premium rums which would otherwise be overlooked and un-discovered without reaching an international platform.

Each rum is limited in quantity, they are matured and especially the single casks are one-off numbered bottles and therefore truly unique treasures.



This is a 7-year old molasses-based rum (from a column–still) aged in new French Oak Barrels which gives it a profile of strength and power. For this artisanal range, the Vintage year is the year the rum is removed from the barrels and bottled.

Tasting Notes: On the nose, there are notes of oak, vanilla, and sugarcane. On the palate, notes of dark chocolate, hazelnut, dates and finishes on woody notes of cinnamon and nutmeg - very smooth on the tongue.

700 ML, cork stopper/40% Alc./vol.



The Limited Edition, Barrels 46&51 is a rarity out of two Barrels blended to a powerful and significant Rum. Only 1741 bottles, each one numbered, were produced.

Tasting Notes: On the nose, there are notes of oak, butter, fudge, tropical fruit, dark cherry and nuts. On the palate, notes of chocolate fudge, molasses, pepper, cloves. Finishes on well-balanced, flavourful and smoothly rounded notes.

700 ML, cork stopper / 42% Alc./vol.



The Single Spiced Vanilla Barrum. This is molasses based young rum from Mauritius, with a smooth, light and elegant taste. It has been infused with the finest natural Bourbon vanilla.

Tasting Notes: On the nose, there are notes of vanilla, brown sugar, honey, caramel and toffee. On the palate, notes of cocoa, dates, coffee, smoky ginger and finishes with notes of soft spice and molasses.

700 ML, cork stopper/ 40% Alc./vol.